cable highlights

The LION submarine cable system achieves a significant development of telecommunication networks in the Indian Ocean. LION, 1090 Km, interconnects since November 2009, Madagascar, La Réunion and Mauritius.

LION2, a 2,700 km extension of the LION cable to Kenya via Mayotte, is in service since April 2012.

Each system with its large bandwidth and high quality tranmission technology is designed to meet the present and future needs of telecommunications.



1st October 2020 : MC#20

27-28 May 2021 : O&MSC#18



28, 29 & 30 September 2020 : MC#18

25-26 May 2021 : O&MSC#14


technical features

LION-LION2 is structured around segments or subsegments :

Segment S1 : unrepeated cable section between Maurice and Reunion Island.
Segment S2.1 and S2.2 : repeated cable section between Reunion Island and Madagascar and the Branching Unit (BU1).

Cable landing stations :
- Mauritius : Terre Rouge
- La Réunion : Sainte Marie
- Madagascar : Toamasina

Segment S2.3 , S2.4 and S2.5 : repeated cable section between the Branching Units (BU1 & BU2), Mayotte and Kenya.

Cable landing stations :
- Mayotte : Kaweni
- Kenya : Mombasa


Capacity & technical features :
Both systems are based on technology using Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM). The systems are designed to carry up to sixty four (64) wavelengths at 10 gb/s per fiber pair. Initial equipage includes two fiber pairs equipped with two wavelengths at 10 gb/s with a high reliability level.

Both systems include following state-of-the-art features :
- Repeaters designed for WDM applications,
- Equalization and Dispersion Management,
- WDM Submarine Line Terminal Equipment (Nx10Gb/s),
- High reliability submerged components,
- Third generation Forward Error Correction (FEC),
- Modern Network Management System.

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