Technical Features

The LION submarine cable system consists of 2 segments :
- Segment S1 : un-repeatered between Maurice and Reunion Island,
- Segment S2 : repeatered between Reunion Island and Madagascar.

The LION connects in the “phase 1”, the following territories (cities) Mauritius Island : Terre Rouge, Ile de la Réunion : Sainte Marie, Madagascar : Toamasina.

The system offered for LION is based on repeatered technology using Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM). The system wavelengths are chosen to be in the 1550nm-wavelength window. It has the following key features :
- Repeaters designed for WDM applications,
- Equalisation and Dispersion Management,
- WDM Submarine Line Terminal Equipment (Nx10Gb/s),
- High reliability submerged components,
- Third generation Forward Error Correction (FEC),
- Modern Network Management System,
- Active repeater supervision.

The repeatered LION segments are designed to carry up to sixty four (64) wavelengths at 10 Gb/s per fibre pair using current technology. In initial configuration, on all segments each of the two fibre pairs are equipped with two wavelengths at 10 Gb/s with a high reliability level.

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